Cara Install Driver Wireless (WiFi) Pada Notebook Acer 4530

Posting this time I specialize in a few friends who have sent questions about the Wireless driver installation problems or WiFi which is said to difficult / can not be installed. Actually there are two ways that we can use to install the WiFi drivers, namely through the SETUP and through Device Manager. But this time I'll explain just how to install WiFi drivers from Device Manager only. To that through Device Manager I provide two ways. The Atheros WiFi is used with the Operating System is Windows XP, to Broadcom or other almost exactly the same way, it's just a different file.
Installation steps are:
Download the first Atheros WiFi driver file to the drivers of other types you can see here.
Before we install the WiFi drivers, then we should throw away the old drivers or uninstalling first, and only then do the installation drver / updated drivers.
WiFi drivers uninstall the old / failed to install:
Right click on My Computer>> select Manage>> Click on Network Adapters>> Select Uninstall
WiFi driver installation:
The first mode, right click on My Computer>> select Manage>> Click on Network Adapters>> Right click on the WiFi drivers are marked with a yellow>> Select Update driver ...>> Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)>> Next>> Select Include this location in the search>> Search your WiFi driver file (the folder contained a file net511.INF)>> After the meet click OK
The second way, having to Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)>> select Next>> PilihDon't search. I Will The driver choose to install The>> select Next>> Select Network Adapters>> select Next>> Select Have a disk>> Select Browse>> Search driver files>> Discover the *. INF file (if not mistaken for Atheros name net5211.INF file)>> Select OK
Hopefully useful.
Note: Please forgive me for not posting pictures, because I do not have it. In addition I have some time to leave the world a laptop or notebook repair. Please be advised.